Welcome to Set Mom

Services available for all budgets and crew sizes, including New Media, low budget productions, commercials and studio projects.

I am successfully trained as a single mother of three beautiful girls, and I have worked on sets of all sizes and budgets. I know that feeding your crew is very similar to feeding my daughters – providing plentiful options, considering specific dietary needs and personal preferences, and staying on budget.

Set Mom knows how production operates. I am low maintenance and self-sufficient. Tell me where to set up and show me a socket.  I’ll handle everything else. It goes without saying that I can run craft services on set, with satellite setups at base camp and production office.

Refreshing Mediterranean Salad
Luscious Figs Poached in Wine
Summer Strawberry Pound Cake
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters Set MomShrimp Cocktail Shooters
Stone Fruit Crumble Set MomStone Fruit Crumble
Tropical Fruit Salad Set MomTropical Fruit Salad
Mushroom and Caramelized Onions Tartlets Set MomCaramelized Mushroom Onion Tartlets
Serbian Plum Cake Set MomSerbian Plum Cake
Marinated Vegetables Set MomTangy Marinated Vegetables

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